Pune’s Town Planning - How Government Schemes Are Shaping Up The City

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The age of ever-increasing urban development has a clear list of benefits for a growing economy, but when our cities are allowed to mushroom in size and population without adequate infrastructural planning and management, then the growth may indeed prove to be detrimental. Town planning is a strategic undertaking that addresses this problem.

What is town planning?

Town planning is an elaborate and extensive process to control both the existing and emerging development in various parts of a city. Town planners are professionals who work in collaboration with the government and municipal authorities to take charge of a particular area and ensure that the growth and development is compliant with the larger blueprint of economic prosperity, environmental safety and socio-cultural sensibilities.

How does it work?

As professionals, town planners take stock of the area’s existing resources and its plans for infrastructural development for the years in the future. They then follow an extensive strategic plan to put the resources to the most effective use in order to help sustain the environment, preserve the natural resources as much as possible, and improve the quality of life in the area. Town planning is a very comprehensive and long-term undertaking, and it typically draws upon the collaborative work of engineers, architects, building surveyors, economists, developers, politicians, scientists and environmental scientists.

What are the benefits of town planning?

Town planning offers many benefits to the city, not only in the present day but also in the long-term.
Here are some of its key benefits:

  • Controlling and enhancing existing development
  • Managing resources effectively through strategic planning
  • Shaping community living tailored to the needs and challenges of society
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural environment
  • Improving the quality of life in terms of economic sustainability and cultural sensibility

Town Planning in Pune

Pune serves as a fine example of town planning, with 46 town planning schemes in the pipeline. According to the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA), the Mahalunge Township will lead the way for all the other projects to follow. The planning for the scheme at Mahalunge near Hinjewadi IT Park is already underway, with nearly 90 per cent of the landowners agreeing to the acquisition. Within the next two years, The PMRDA will return to the landowners a significantly improved and highly developed property, with double the floor space index (FSI). However, this will only be implemented with the due permission and consent from the landowners.
Mahalunge will be PMRDA’s first model township, and the development model will be used for the subsequent 45 townships that have been proposed.

Highlights of the Mahalunge Township

  • Total area in Mahalunge Maan: 50 hectares
  • Total investment opportunity: ₹21,300 cr
  • Total development area: 26.4 million square feet
  • Total development worth: ₹9,230 crore
  • Prime residential area: 38.4 million square feet worth ₹7,600 crore
  • Retail and commercial area: 16.4 million square feet worth ₹3,300 crore
  • Total affordable housing unit: 500 worth ₹600 crore
Other highlights:
  • Flower garden, riverfront park, playground and open spaces: 2.6 million square feet
  • Two schools, two hospitals and a convention centre: 5.1 million square feet
  • Roads and footpaths: 5.4 million square feet (21% of project area)
  • 36 m wide road connecting national highway and Hinjewadi area
  • 18 m wide road parallel to main road towards Mula River
  • 24 m wide road connecting Sus village to Hinjewadi road

The Mahalunge project is a fine example of how Pune can channel its growth into world-class infrastructure that is also sustainable and cost-effective. This has been the driving force behind major investment in this area, and the project promises excellent returns.
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