5 Advantages Of Living Near Your Workplace

For many professionals today, the most dreadful aspect of their work life is the daily commute between their home and office. Not only does this commute waste a lot of time, every single day, but it also extremely expensive and tiring. Most people who have long commutes to work are left with little energy and enthusiasm to do other things in life, before and after their work hours.

There are many advantages of living near your workplace. Here are some of them:

  1. It saves a lot of time: This is one of the most obvious but also one of the most significant benefits of living near your workplace. The number of hours that you will save as a result of a quicker and easier commute adds up to a considerable amount of time. You can use this time in so many other ways.

  2. It works out to be much cheaper: A shorter, quicker and easier commute also translates into lower fuel costs and cheaper public transit fares. If it’s close enough, you could also considering walking down to your office (which has its own set of benefits for your health and the environment).

  3. It is good for the environment: Going eco-friendly is the only way to move forward in this day and age. Shorter commutes and less traffic have an obvious positive impact on the environment, as they help keep the pollution level in check. Carpooling is another eco-friendly option you can explore.

  4. It is good for your health: Riding a bicycle or walking down to work is a great way to pack in a daily dose of physical exercise, which offers numerous health benefits. This is, of course, only feasible if you live close enough to your workplace.

  5. You can strike the ideal work-life balance: With all the time, money and energy that you save as a result of living near your place of work, you have the opportunity to strike a wonderful work-life balance.

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