Satin Hills

Overview of Satin Hills

At Satin Hills, we have constructed a hierarchy of villas, which are segregated into a three-tiered distribution of residences. It needs to be clarified that while the villas exhibit a differentiation of space and size, every villa has been meticulously crafted with a customized, individual identity.

Located at different heights, every set of homes has its own characteristic features. Uniquely designed and equipped with the choicest of amenities, you can be assured of ultra-modern luxury irrespective of the home that catches your eye.

In addition to the surrounding greenery, a lush carpet of green awaits you at your personalized roof-top garden. This is just one of the distinguishing features on offer at Satin Hills.

Type A
The largest of villas, Type A, is a spaciously designed zone of comfort and convenience. Spread on an expansive layout that integrates individual privacy with non-intrusive security, the villas are arranged in a linear fashion blending into the natural topography of the surroundings.

Type B
The second tier of villas, Type B, is lined along the main access road with well defined precincts and internal rear garden. Every villa here has a vertical orientation, arranged over three floors of impressive architecture and mega-spaces. The topography of the site as well as the floor plans of the bungalow offers an unimpeded view of the surrounding nature - not to mention the greenery within, in the form of a roof-top designer garden.

Type C
Located on the southern boundary of the project, the Type C villas are uniquely placed on the highest level of the hill-slope. By this very virtue, they offer an amazing breadth of views all around. These bungalows spread lavishly over three floors of meticulously crafted design spaces with a personal rear-den.

Your decision to settle at Satin Hills would give you a host of perks to add to your ease of living. A state-of-the-art clubhouse beckons you at your leisure. Spaciously designed with easy access and its boulevards lined with greenery, the clubhouse offers a stunning exterior view of the entire complex of residences. The pool is equally refreshing, and reserved for your comfort. And the common hall would play host to your personal gatherings and social interactions.




Your decision to settle at Satin Hills would confer on you a host of perks to add to your ease of living. A spanking state-of-the-art clubhouse beckons you to engage your leisure here. Spaciously designed with easy access, it offers a pretty exterior view of the entire complex of residences, and its boulevards lined with greenery. The pool is equally refreshing, and reserved for your comfort. And the common hall could play host to your very personal gatherings and social interactions.

  • Swimming Pool with Baby Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Billiards and Table Tennis Center
  • Spa
  • Banquet Hall
  • Home Theater
  • Guest Rooms
  • Kitchen
Other Amenities
  • Landscape Garden
  • Water Fountains
  • Children Play Area
  • Party Lawn
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Convenience Store


  • Flooring 2‘ x 2’ Granamite Tiles
  • Designer Bathroom Tiles
  • Powder coated Aluminum Windows
  • Toughened Glass Railings
  • C.P Fitting equivalent to Jaguar
  • Wooden Flooring in one Bedroom
  • Sanitary fitting equivalent to Parryware
  • Two level digital securities for homes & the society
  • Terrace Garden
  • Gypsum Walls
  • Luster Paints in internal walls
  • Texture / Semi-acrylic paints on external Walls
  • The HS-6000 home automation system with
  • TFT LCD panel to maximize user convenience.
  • Visitor Identification and Door Unlocking
  • Panic button inbuilt in multifunction panel for any in-house emergency conditions.
  • Two level digital security for home & the society

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